A World Asunder

Chapter 62: "I think we can rule out faskian blackpowder"

The shattered glass from the explosion is still falling. Even Reilly is in shock. Cora turns to Reilly and says:

“Look at me, Reilly. You know what to do. Let me take care of Enfys.”

Reilly regains her composure and begins issuing orders: “Fusiliers, search the grounds. Look for any explosives or arcane devices and report them to Harxen. Healers, follow Cora’s lead! Everyone else, get to the barracks by the dock.”

Reilly approaches you directly and says: “Get Niirithani to a safe location. We have to assume she’s a target and she’s too damn important to risk losing.”

(players remove Niirithani)

You get Niirithani under guard and take up positions to defend the room. You can hear rushing feet scraping the gravel and shouting outside.

Niirithani curses in draconic and flicks off blood from a minor gash sustained during the escape. “I’m alright, just nicked myself on a piece of glass”

You hear a distant secondary explosion and another unearthly howl, followed by gunfire from firepikes and shouting.

Niirithani says: “Lorraine, look behind you!”

Droplets of Niirithani’s blood have begun to expand and pool into a sphere in mid-air.

The sphere bursts into flame and explodes, leaving behind a human in a breast-plate. He has covered his face in ashes and matted his hair down with blood.

He says in an almost serene voice: “Surrender the Elder Wyrm and we will not reduce this island to ash.”

Combat with Scourge Aspirant

(combat ends)

The assailant falls dead, his breastplate clattering loudly on the floor and nearly drowning out the sound of a voice just outside the room.

“It’s Robyn Niles. I’m coming in. Stay your weapons.”

Robyn walks in, quiver empty and sword dripping with blood. She notices the body on the floor. “I see you’ve met one of our uninvited guests. We fought off quite a number of them ourselves. They poured out of the infirmary after the explosion. We took casualties, but our fighters took down every last one of them. Reilly has called a meeting in the Armory to begin sorting this mess out”

(players go to meeting)

Reilly has cleared off an armorer’s bench in the center of the room. Already present are Bakario, Myran, Milo, Harxen, Cade and Gareth, who is supporting himself with a cane.

Robyn closes the door and bolts it behind you.

Reilly begins:
“It’s not hard to see who attacked us today.” She holds up a red orb inside a rigid copper frame and places it on the table. “This is a device that is designed to open a door to the Abyssal plane and detonate that portal with the howl of a thousand tortured souls trapped by necromancy. This is what went off in the infirmary, killing the occupants and placing Enfys in critical condtion.”

“Given the wounds on the agents who protected Niirithani, I think we can assume she was a vital target of this attack. That means either someone in this room told the Scourge worshippers her identity or they were able to surveil us without our knowledge. We can also assume that they have informed the Arkali of her existence. At this point, the only one of us above suspicion is Enfys, and she may not ever wake up. We have two priorities: Get Niirithani off the Island safely and ensure that we can prevent further attacks.”

Niirithani says: “Give me a small boat. I’ll get myself off the island and take Milo as a guide.”

Milo replies: “And I’ll remind you this was your idea when I get sea-sick all over your boots. I’ll leave a message with Fetrian with instructions on how to signal us when you’ve determined it’s safe.”

Reilly says: “Next order of business: We need to find out how they got in, how they set up the attack and how they found out Niirithani’s identity. In spite of my experience, I will not be leading this investigation. I’m too gods damned angry to keep a clear head about this.”



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