A World Asunder

Chapter 66- "Remind me never to piss off Farens"

Farens is halfway through transforming and is already rushing at the assassin.

Combat Ends, Farens survives
Farens, still in a rage, begins raking his claws at the corpse of the assassin, shredding her armor, limbs and torso.

Players attempt to interrupt Farens
Farens snarls at you and adopts a defensive posture, like a feral dog protecting his dinner.

Players do not attempt to interrupt Farens
Farens tears open the assassin’s abdomen and removes her liver, dashing off into the woods on all fours carrying it in his mouth.

Combat ends, Farens dies
The assassin falls dead, her blood draining toward the sea and joining the pool of dark lycanthrope blood around Farens’ remains.

Players search Assassin’s body
You find a blood-stained note that reads: “We’ve been hired for hush job. Your assignment is to meet with a group of people under the employ of “Four-Finger Lantis”, a gang lord based in Gildenport. They have been told to expect someone to transport them off the Island. You are to pose as their way off the island, find out what they know and who they’ve told, and eliminate them. Collect your payment from their corpses. If there is any less than 24,000 gold present, you may collect the difference from our contact at the Red Diamond.”

Players return to Freeharbor

The Dawn of Orthalyn is still undergoing repairs. Reilly sets you up with a single-mast caravel that should arrive in comparable time. You reach Freeharbor in two days’ time. From the sea, you can see 3 massive Tebuchets erected in the old slums, dwarfing most of the two and three story tenements. More of them appear to be still under construction. You can see campfire smoke outside the city and the burning wreck of a seige tower half a mile from the walls.



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