Enfys Gwalchine

A member of the Paragons of Orthalyn.


Enfys has a tendency to butt heads with other Paragons about their role in the world. Most Paragons see their only role as being to re-claim the world from the scourge. Enfys and a few others believe that the Paragons have an additional duty to end the sort of oppression that they say indirectly caused the Scourge in the first place.

As opposed to the official Paragon strategy, Enfys wants to build an army from the ground up to wipe out the scourge. She wants an army of the oppressed to re-claim old Orthalyn and then rid the world of oppressors.

Enfys is a Favored Soul who favors archery over melee combat, but nonetheless handles a sword quite well.


Enfys was born in Fask in the year 728 Ps. When she was 17 years old, she fled with her brother to escape the Faskian emperor’s genocide of elves and gnomes. Her Brother was captured crossing the border into Termalyn and is presumed dead. Enfys was shot by a Fask musket and neary died of the wound, but her life was saved by what seemed like luck alone. Enfys limped into Termalyn and took shelter in a monastery to Pelor.

The clerics at the monastery healed Enfys and gave her a change of clothes without bullet-holes. While dressing her wound, one of the clerics nearly dropped the bandage on the floor in shock.

Food is not scarce in Termalyn, so Enfys was able to eat for free. The biggest challenge she faced was hiding her talent as a divine mage. One night, a man stumbled drunk out of a tavern and attacked her, thinking she had money. In defence, she fought back with magic and was discovered by the College sternguards. She was sent to a Conclave to have her magical abilities siphoned. Siphoning wasn’t painful, but it was exhausting. The conditions at the conclave were not uncomfortable, but it was a prison all the same. Enfys spoke regularly with her fellow spellcasters and they traded techniques. Together, they discovered how to thwart the siphoning. She honed her craft and organized her sisters in bonds to plan for escape. To this day, she nor anyone else has exposed how they escaped. All anyone knows is she and her comrades escaped without killing a single guard and without any notice.

Enfys and a large cohort fled to Bastion, hoping to join the knights there. The rest remained in Termalyn, hoping to end the rule by Patriarchs and burn every conclave to the ground. Enfys and her comrades were arrested in Kaptal and imprisoned at Gorch’thul, where she met Myran. Another escape was executed and she fled with Myran and comrades new and old. She finally made it to Weslyth where she joined the Paragons of Orthalyn. She and her comrades now make up the most talented mages in the Paragons.

Enfys Gwalchine

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