Milo Braden

Innkeeper and spymaster


Born in 713 ATS in Kaptal, Milo Braden was the bastard son of a prostitute and a Kaptalis merchant lord. His father was a frequent visitor at the brothel that his mother worked at, but never returned after he was born. Milo figured out early on in life that there are people in all realms of society who hear and see everything and yet go completely unnoticed. It started when he was 12 and he began working with other children to gather information on wealthy merchants. Milo worked the docks of New Kroven while he made friends with maids, messengers, prostitutes and scribes. They soon developed a robust network of spies in all six nations. When Milo was 32, he and his network came across an opportunity too great to pass up. The score was well over 15,000 plat, but it required one person to take the rap. Milo volunteered and at the end was forced to go on the run. He used his share to buy an Inn in Caer’Daugh and accepted the role of analyst and coordinator. He pieced together different reports and told informants where to follow up.

In 749 ATS, he recieved a report from a kitchen worker at Gorch’thul who told him that a group of political prisoners were plotting an escape. Milo asked the kitchen worker to smuggle weapon parts to the prisoners via their food. The prisoners, Enfys and Myran among them, escaped as planned and fled to Caer’Daugh where they joined the paragons and kept in contact with Milo to the day.

Milo Braden

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