Myran Khamuna


Myran is an urban ranger of dwarven descent. She was born into a wealthy family in Heptus and raised by Jael, a nanny her parents hired. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she found out her nanny was a slave owned by her parents. She had grown up knowing of slavery, but had been taught from birth that slavery was a punishment reserved who had done wrong or were pre-disposed to evil. The news enraged Myran and to make matters worse, her parents assumed her nanny had told her, an act that they had forbidden. Her parents had Jael “Decomissioned” (meaning killed). Jael’s death had a radicalizing effect on Myran, who joined a slavery abolitionist group. She learned how to pick locks on cages and how to set traps on slave trade routes. She freed about 100 newly captured slaves before being captured while trying to hijack a riverboat carrying about 50 slaves to market from the Southern Triad. She spent a year in prison before her old abolitionist comrades smuggled her into Kaptal.

She struggled to survive in Kaptal. She got a job at a gunpowder factory in Karthing and hunted in what little spare time she had. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the workers of Kaptal were living almost identically to slaves in Heptus. She decided to pick a fight with the merchant lord in charge of her factory. She began storing the food from her hunts and trained her co-workers in sabotage. Soon after, she and her newfound comrades sabotaged the furnaces and walked out. She was arrested 3 days later, charged with treason and sentenced to life in prison with corporal punishment. The merchant lords expected her to survive a month before dying of lash wounds. She survived 3 years and met Enfys on the 3rd day of the second year. Enfys had been sentenced to life with hard labor for killing a town guard. Myran and Enfys became friends quite quickly and planned a mass escape. Enfys spent nearly a year perfecting a spell to ignite the gunpowder storage without being able to see it. On the eve of Myran’s third year in prison, Myran started a riot to buy Enfys time to prepare the spell. Enfys blew the powder and around 200 prisoners (including Enfys’s friends from the conclave) escaped the prison. Only 34 made it out of the city.

Those 34 eventually found the Paragons and joined in the hope that they would have a home worth living in after the scourge ended.


Myran Khamuna

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