A World Asunder

Chapter 3- "The fuck do we do now?"

After surviving the attack, you and your comrades catch your breath in a market square. Enfys fumbles for a cigarette, curses in Termali and throws the box across the deserted street.

“So,” she says, “What the fuck do we do now? Declan’s been captured along with the rest of our cell, our home base is in ruins, we have no weapons or supplies and I need a fucking cigarette.”

Enfys slumps into a seat against the wall and starts fidgeting with a knife.

Myran turns to you with a serious look on their face. They sigh and say “She’ll be okay. We should go pick up some cigarettes for her, though. Walk with me.”

Myran leads you down a thoroughfare and continues talking. “I should explain to you what we’re looking to achieve for Irythan. You’re Paragons, so you know we’re looking to end the scourge. You need to know how. For centuries, the Paragons have been seeking out pre-scourge knowledge and safeguarding it from the bastion inquisition. We’ve been looking for a weakness we can exploit in a war against the Arkali horde. We don’t know what that weakness is, but we know that their ability to coordinate in large numbers as if they were a small strike team is what gives them their edge. They’ve also shown a remarkable ability to adapt. Every time we find a tactic that works, that tactic becomes useless the next time we fight them.”

Myran hands a vendor ten coppers and takes a box of cigarettes from his stall.

Myran continues: “Finding a weakness is one struggle. The other, which is arguably more daunting, is to build an army. How to build that army has been a subject of debate among the Paragons ever since our post-scourge founding. Many of my comrades believe the best course of action is to unite the armies of humanity for a great march south of the wall. Another number of us believe the best course is to inspire those who are oppressed to fight for a new world. Enfys and I are among that number. The Scourge was created by men who sought to wage genocide on the Orcs because they thought themselves better. The powerful will always find reasons why they need more power and they will always take shortcuts that end in tragedy. The scourge may be the most recent calamity, it was not the first and if we allow the present power structure to persist, it will not be the last. Apocalyptic events come in cycles and ending the scourge is meaningless unless we end that cycle.”

Myran stops and looks you straight in the eye and says: “Unfortunately, we have lacked the ability to inspire the common people or to unite the six nations. That’s why your arrival is so significant. You represent humanity’s stubborn will to survive and you are a symbol of hope for the future. That kind of symbol has more power than the largest army in Irythan. You could stabilize nations or bring empires crashing down. You know where I stand, but the choice of how to build an army falls to you.”

Myran walks over to Enfys and lights her a cigarette. Enfys take a lungful and embraces Myran like a sister.

She sighs and says “Thanks, Myran. I’m sick and fucking tired of losing good people in raids.” She takes another puff “Now, about the question I asked on tobacco withdrawal. The fuck do we do now.”

players confer

If asked, Enfys and Myran will both recommend a rescue mission for those captured by Fask soldiers.

Enfys says “I say we hit them on the road. They’ll need to pass through Druid’s wood. It’s the perfect place to set up an ambush. I’ve been on a forced march at Fask spearpoint. There are always deaths.”

Myran says “We should break them out of prison. It’ll give us more time to plan an attack and we may be able to pull a mass break-out like we did at Gorch’thul. Plus, if we want to hit them on the road, we’ll have to take a shortcut to pass them. It could get us killed.”

Chapter 2- "How do you want to play this?"

You frantically prepare your equipment and ready your spells. All the while, Fask dragoons are pounding at the door.

Looking around, you see several weapon racks and armor shelves. There are 3 barrels of dragon powder stored by the door. A collection of adventuring gear like grappling hooks, torches, oil, and camp gear is stored by the window. Specialist kits are under the weapon racks.

The room is about 20×15 feet and there is only one door and a single window 5 feet off the ground, about 3 feet square and barred on the outside. The hallway outside is 10 feet wide and extends 20 feet in each direction.

Looking outside the window you can see flat rooftops over narrow alleys. A patchwork of ladders and makeshift plank bridges connect the rooftops.

You don’t know how many Fask dragoons are outside, but the ones you saw seemed to be even skill person for person. You were evenly matched by numbers when you went inside, but reinforcements may have arrived since. Enfys is looking out the window while Myran is bracing the door.

Enfys turns away from the window to face you and says “Alright. How do you want to play this?”

Chapter 1- "Here's the skinny"

You all wake up in what looks like an infirmary. You can’t recall how you got there. The last thing you remember is an Arkali Trident through Jeptin’s chest

A gnomish healer is speaking with an elf in hushed tones across the room. They stop wispering when they see you awake. They both go wide-eyed as if they’d seen a ghost and the gnome runs out of the room shouting “Declan! They’re awake!”.

The elf appears to be in her late 20’s and has the point of her left ear cut off. Her hair is shoulder length and appears to change with the light. She wears a chainmail vest with a red cowl and a single leather sleeve buckled in place on her left arm. She has a crude key tattoo on the right side of her neck. Her wrists have multiple scars and there is a scar from a friction burn around her throat. It’s obvious she’s been through some kind of hell.

You are all laying supine on mats on the floor. Wounded soldiers lay on cots around the room, most are unconscious.

She kneels next to you and says: “My name is Enfys Gwalchine. I know you must be very confused right now. Let me tell you what we know and maybe you can fill in the blanks.”

She lights herself a cigarette, offers some to you and takes a short puff.

“Filthy stuff, I know. Here’s the skinny: We found you dead in the middle of Nerull’s Reach. Not injured or sick, dead. That’s not uncommon, though. Most people we have to leave behind, unfortunately. We have magic that can resurrect, but we don’t have enough materials to do it for everyone.”

A healer comes by with a jug of water and some cups. Enfys thanks him and pours each of you a cup.

“You should drink that. You still haven’t fully recovered. Anyway, the reason we used up our supply is because of that book you carry” She gestures toward the Journal Jeptin gave you.

“None of us can read it, but we recognize the language as Orcish. That language has been dead since the Arkali wars, which means that book is one of only two we’ve found that date back to before the Scourge began. It also means that you and your comrades come from the grey wastes, south of the Bastion wall. No one has come from there since the Arkali wars. Our entire society is based on the premise that the Wastes will never be re-claimed and that the six nations are all that’s left of humanity. That belief is why we’re considered a subversive organization by the entirity of Irythan.”

Enfys hands you the book and says “We need to know what it says. Can you read it?”

You can recognize the letters, but the words make no sense. It seems to be some kind of cypher.

Enfys throws her Cigarette butt aside and says “I know this is a lot to take in, but we have to know what’s in that book.”

players tell Enfys

Enfys curses under her breath in Draconic: “You have to be screwing with me. Not only is it in a dead language, but it’s encrypted. I need to tell my comrades about this. I’m guessing you’ll probably want new gear since the stuff you came with was destroyed. Our healers should have you walking shortly and I’ll have Myran take you to the Armory. You’re clearly Paragons, so you can have your pick from the racks.”

Enfys gathers up the cups and the jug and walks out.

Shortly after, An dwarven women walks through the door. She has a crossbow slung over her back. She’s wearing red, loose fitting shirt under a leather jacket and grey pants with about 10 pockets.

She speaks with a low Kaptalis accent (think new jersey). “Myran Khamuna, and you are?”

“Well met. Enfys asked me to get you kitted up. Follow me to the armory.” Myran leads you down a corridor and asks you what your story is and how you ended up joining the paragons in old Orthalyn.

“Solid”, she replies, “Enfys and I met in prison in Kaptal and joined the Paragons together after we busted out. We’ve been best god damn friends ever since.”

She looks you square in the eye, stone faced, and says “I would go to all seven hells and stick around for that elf. If anyone so much as thinks about causing harm to her, I’ll feed them their kidneys.”

You come to a locked iron door on the left. Myran pulls a ring of keys from one of her many pockets and unlocks the door.

You see Enfys running around the corner, bow drawn and holding a fistful of arrows. She stops in front of you, turns around, knocks an arrow and aims down the hall she came from.

She says in a frantic, yet calm tone “Fask raiding party. About a hundred. They’ve got Declan and a squad is coming this way. Get inside the armory”

A fask soldier rounds the corner and shouts in a language you don’t recognize. Enfys looses her arrow, which embeds in the soldier’s throat, jolting him backward and laying him dead.

Myran rushes you through the door and enfys closes it behind you.

equipment selection and spell preparation


The Scourge began over 700 years ago. No one is certain exactly how, but an old Dwarven legend tells of a Faskian necromancer who made a pact with Necmasth to Will-bind the Tarrasque. At the time, Fask was at war with a formidable Orcish rebellion. The necromancer wanted the Tarrasque to lay waste to the Orcs’ territory and extinguish the life of every Orc in Irythan. Necmasth granted this wish, but at a price to be paid by the entire world. The necromancer’s soul was bound to the Tarrasque forever and the Orcs were returned as the first of the Arkali. Necmasth finally had an army to swallow the world.

By the time the rest of the world realized what had happened, the Tarrasque had destroyed the Great Keep of Lyranos and Orcish Arkali were swarming into Termalyn and Fask . An uneasy Alliance was formed between Weslyth, Fask, Kaptal, Termalyn and Heptus to combat the new threat, which was then named “The Scourge”. It was less of a war and more of a desperate last stand for humanity. The combined forces of humanity outnumbered the Arkali, but the Arkali were able to fight almost like they were of the same mind and they needed no rest or food. Most of the population of the world was wiped out, and the dead were resurrected as Arkali. It was not long before it became clear that the Arkali Wars were not to be won, but survived. Much of the Population fled north to what was left of Weslyth. Others fled south and west and sought refuge by whatever means they could. Some live in cities surrounded by fortifications. Some are nomads constantly on the run. Some have found lands which the Arkali have not yet reached.

A select few survivors are dedicated to ending the scourge. They come from all walks of life and represent the best, strongest and brightest that humanity has to offer. They are Known as the Paragons of Orthalyn and you and your comrades count yourselves among them.

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