A World Asunder

Chapter 37- "A riot's the thing"

Inside the chapel, Cecily approaches the far wall and draws a diagram of the second bridge and it’s fortifications.

Cecily begins: “This report is accurate as of one hour ago, when we were briefed by a group returning from shift at one of the weaving mills. As you can see, there are 10 guards at the gate, 2 ballista crews and three snipers. A group of distillery workers has offered to arrange for a workplace accident. This accident would create an opening for workers to loot the distillery’s safe. In order to stop this, the IEG will have to pull guards from the second bridge. This will give us an opening to attack. I’ll stay behind to provide abjuration support against seige weapons. Paragons, you’ll need to plan the assault and also the defense of citizens crossing the bridge. We’ve been preparing for this for a while, I’ll let slingshot brief you on some of the ideas we came up with.”

Slingshot points to one of the rooftops adjacent tot he bridge and says: "Early on, we hid a ballista in one of the buildings facing the river. We have one bolt that we were planning to use to create a zipline. We also thought of swimming across under the water to access their flank undetected, but you’d have to climb the lip of the canal in order to access the street. Whether you want to use them or not is your call.

Slingshot speaks up: “You’re forgetting something, Cess. What do we do once the fortifications are taken out? So we cross the bridge, then what?”

Milo, whose been silent the whole time, says: “A riot’s the thing. I’ve seen enough of this place to know people are looking for an excuse. If we do this during a major crossing for a shift-change, people will see the fortifications taken down and go for it.”

Slingshot says: “Okay, I like a riot as much as the next rebellious peasent. But we can’t just depend on a riot taking the city. Eventually, the guild will rally their forces and quell the uprising just like last time. How will this be any different.”

Cecily grins, points at a spot on the map and says “We go right to the IEG’s doorstep and gouge out their eyes. The hexagon used to be the headquarters of the city guard. Now the IEG has taken over and all but a few of the guards are in their pocket. Any guards that aren’t are too afraid to act, at least for now. The hexagon’s main spire has a view of almost everything in the factory district and it’s filled with weapons caches and ammunition stores. From there, we can take the rest of the city, district by district.”

Reilly says: “It’s a good idea, Cecily, but I don’t think these volunteers are going to be enough to take and defend the hexagon, especially if you factor in the casualties we’ll take fighting our way through the streets. Not to mention that our assault on the bridge will give them plenty of warning to set up defenses in what is already a fortress.”

(players suggest using paragon forces to supplement)

Reilly agrees that supplementing the volunteers with the 15 combat veterans that came with you would make a significant difference.

Cecily rolls up the map and says: “Alright, tomorrow during the morning crossing, we’ll assault the bridge and then take the hexagon. Make sure you’re prepared because once we attack the bridge, we’ll be committed to the battle to take the city of Gildenport for those who actually run it and we don’t know when we’ll be able to stop. For too long we’ve chosen between eeking out a meager survival or leaving our friends behind to join the class that keeps us in the slums. Tomorrow we will discover a third option: Risk everything to take the wealth we create and not leave a damn soul behind.”



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