A World Asunder

Chapter 67: "We have to go now"

You arrive back at the fort to find Christine waiting for you at the Eastern gate, cleaning her Pincannon. Fetrian and two Fusiliers are with her.

Fetrian approaches and says: “We heard about the attack on your people. I convened a meeting of the Freeharbor Guard and we voted unanimously to devote all available necessary resources to finding the bastards responsible. Thirteen healers came with us and are already at work.”

Christine slings her pincannon over her shoulder and approaches. She hands you a message written in Faskian and says: “It’s long, so I’ll summarize: The note details a Faskian plan to find and seize the first temple of St. Laerta. I was unable to determine the location of the temple or what the Faskies plan to do with it. What I WAS able to do was arrange to meet a Partizan commander with the Last Arrows in the coastal village of Dawstyn. Unfortunately, the meeting is in two days so we don’t have time to go after Lantis just yet.”

(What is the Last Arrows)
“They’re a group of Partizans in Fask. Freedom fighters or bandits, depending on who you ask. The group has been inactive and in hiding for decades. When Fask declared war on Termalyn, they saw an opportunity and started targeting supply depots and hijacking arms caravans. The former nuisance became a serious problem in a short amount of time.”

(Knowledge check DC 15)
-Faskian cities have checkpoints at every gate and anyone within Fask’s borders is subject to search.
-Swords are banned for civilians.
-Bows and axes may be carried in wilderness areas, but no more than 10 arrows may be kept at any time.
-Daggers, quarterstaffs, sickles, picks and hammers are not banned, but can still raise suspicion in some cases.
-Armor stronger than leather is banned.
-Spellcasting is illegal.
-Everything listed is punishable by jail time in varying amounts.

players plan journey to Fask



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