A World Asunder

Chapter 70 -"We're sending 3/4 of the High Marshal off this balcony""

Benavin is waiting for you at the treeline with a group of ten. You’re on a hill overlooking the High Marshal’s garden across the river. It’s about an hour until sunset.

A group of farmhands is still working to round up the pigs that were released the previous night. The guards are still at their posts, looking somewhat amused. Benavin reports that she only saw two of them come out to catch the seven pigs that escaped. As you wait for darkness, Benavin pulls you aside.

“I know you have your own aims in this, but if you get a chance to capture high marshal Falan alive, it would be an enormous help to our cause. If you can’t capture him, make sure he’s in no position to pursue us ever again.”

Players wait until dark
The guards change shift at sunset, with the new guards taking their posts before the old leave. By the time night falls, the farm hands have returned the pigs to their pen and gone home. The estate grounds have sparse torch light, and two squads patrol it with no discernable pattern.

players use rat swarm
The chirping of a massed swarm of rats attracts one of the patrols. After noticing what they were up against, they begin waving torches at the ground and shouting for assistance. Five guards emerge from the house bearing torches and two guards leave their posts to assist in driving off the rats. (Roll d8 to determine if guards are in room, rather than d4)

The door opens up into a marble-floor entryway flanked by two wide-turning staircases. Weapon plaques and paintings line the walls. (roll for guards twice)

Kitchen The servants’ entrance opens to a kitchen. There is a large butcher block in the middle under a rack of cooking tools and pots. Embers are still smouldering in two fireplaces. (no guards)

Servants’ quarters
The door creaks open to reveal a small room with 8 bunk beds. Five of them are occupied by sleeping figures. (order move silently checks).

Dining room
You enter a dining room with a long table in the center and a fireplace on each of the long walls. The table is meticulously set with silverware and delicate ceramics. (roll for guards once)

(see above)

trophy room and armory
You enter a room with racks of weapons and trophies mounted on the wall, as well as various suits of armor on mannequins. A stuffed dire bear is positioned on its hind legs in the center of the room. (roll for guards twice, one on balcony, one on ground)

(if players diverted) The next room is approximately the same size and has two columns of bunk beds with footlockers, most of the beds have folded Faskian military uniforms on them.

(if players did not divert) The next room is approximately the same size and has two columns of bed with footlockers. There is a group of Faskian soldiers playing poker at a round table on the far end of the room. (call for hide/move silently checks)

The staircases crest to a balcony overlooking the atrium and a wide bridge leading to an outdoor balcony. The walls are lined with busts of men in military attire.

Guest Bedroom
You enter a small bedroom with a carefully made bed and mirror on the far side facing a basin.

You open the door to a small library with a desk in the center, the shelves lined with Faskian literature and texts on military theory, history, and post-scourge archaeology. (roll once for guard)

Child’s bedroom
You see a bedroom with a pair of small beds occupied by a young boy and a girl, sleeping soundly. Toys are scattered at the floor.

Master bedroom
You enter a large bedroom with an ornate four-poster bed in the center and an empty arrmor rack next to an oak dresser. The bedding has been tossed aside and the room is un-occupied.

The door creaks open, revealing a room with a few small bookshelves and a fireplace on the wall. In the center of the room is a large scattered with maps, journals in various languages, and archaelogical texts. At the far end of the room is a desk with the chair pushed aside and a man in dress-armor facing the window, the moonlight reflected off of his salt-and-pepper hair.

“My guards were ordered not to disturb me and my servants have all retired for the night, would you care to tell me who you are and why you’re in my home?” the man asks.

allow players to answer

The man turns around, revealing a gaunt face that looks to be in its late ’30s, with eyes that look a good two decades later.

(if players deployed rats)
“I see. And the rats in my fields, that was you as well?”

The man tosses a book on the table in the center of the room and says “I’m no fool, and I do not relish killing, even that of elves. If you’re looking for the saint’s tomb, you’ll find what you need in there. Take it and leave my home.”

Players ask why he’s giving it
“That tomb has a tendency to find itself new occupants. If those who would threaten the security of Fask would add themselves to it, I would be happy to have helped. Gods know it’s taken enough of my men.”

(players refuse to leave)
“A shame. If I must die, I will die on my feet like a soldier. Let us avoid guns if you find yourselves honorable, I’d prefer not to wake the children.”

(Players leave)
As you walk out, the man says to you: “That tomb has a tendency to find itself new occupants. If those who would threaten the security of Fask would add themselves to it, I would be happy to have helped. Gods know it’s taken enough of my men.”

Combat, High Marshal Falan

Players read book
The book contains glyph rubbings and scribbled notes detailing a search. Near the back is a map of a location near the northern section of the Faskian-Weslythan border and a sketch of the entrance to a tomb that was never supposed to exist.



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