A World Asunder

Chapter 75 - "State your name, rank and assignment"

The courtroom is large and pleasant to look at, despite its spartan furnishings. The emblem of the Bastion Inquisition hangs high on the back wall. There is seating on various benches for at least a hundred people, though currently the room is occupied by a mere five. A panel of adjudicators sits in the rear, just under the Inquisition sigil. To their right is a scribe with reams of paper and a large stock of quills and ink. On a desk across from them, in the dress uniform of a Bastion Inquisitor, sits Gareth.

The adjudicator in the center, an elven man with slicked back dark hair, speaks: “I call this hearing of the Inquisition Legis Alt to order. State your name, rank and current assignment for the record.”

Garth replies: “Gareth Norallis. Inquisitor Second Class. For the past six months I have been acting on my own initiative on standing orders to seek out and eliminate threats related to the Scourge and to enforce the terms of the Bastion Accords of 23 ATS.”

The elf nods to the scribe, who begins writing. The inquisitor on the left, a gnome woman with a thick Termali accent, gestures to Gareth:

“Resuming from yesterdays testimony. So, you were wounded on Mount Maitheranas while travelling with these Paragons. You returned with them to their base until your wound had healed. What happened next?”

Gareth leans forward and asks “You’re referring to my contact with them in the Prison Camp, correct? If I may, I’d like to enter into the record the Paragons’ Report of their experience prior to my arrival…”



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