A World Asunder

Chapter 76 - "Rabbit-eared treefucker scum"

You wake up tired the next day after a cold night on a hard surface in your hut. Or rather, you’re woken up by the sound of a gunshot. A look between the logs in your drafty hut shows you that the sun is just starting to rise.

One of the people in your hut, a balding elf in his early 50’s, is already up and folding his blanket. He doesn’t seem fazed by the noise.

(players ask about the gunshot)
“Probably an execution. A partizan escaped yesterday. Not the first time.”

(players ask who the elf is)
“Thelenas. Horse thief. Life sentence hard labor. You?”

A guard approaches the reinforced wood door and unlocks it. He shouts: “Outside. NOW!”

The old elf gives an “after you” gesture to the door.

Players leave

The guard directs you and the other prisoners to line up.

(if players did not receive introduction)
The old elf lines up behind you and says in a hushed tone “My name is Thelenas. I’d rather be your friend than your enemy but if you get into trouble, leave me out of it. You want to survive here, do what the guards say and don’t let anyone steal your food or stand behind you. When they call hut number five, that’s us. We can talk more when we get our assignments”

The guard assigns work orders to huts. Your hut is assigned to work the mines as carriers. Thelenas curses under his breath.



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