A World Asunder


The Scourge began over 700 years ago. No one is certain exactly how, but an old Dwarven legend tells of a Faskian necromancer who made a pact with Necmasth to Will-bind the Tarrasque. At the time, Fask was at war with a formidable Orcish rebellion. The necromancer wanted the Tarrasque to lay waste to the Orcs’ territory and extinguish the life of every Orc in Irythan. Necmasth granted this wish, but at a price to be paid by the entire world. The necromancer’s soul was bound to the Tarrasque forever and the Orcs were returned as the first of the Arkali. Necmasth finally had an army to swallow the world.

By the time the rest of the world realized what had happened, the Tarrasque had destroyed the Great Keep of Lyranos and Orcish Arkali were swarming into Termalyn and Fask . An uneasy Alliance was formed between Weslyth, Fask, Kaptal, Termalyn and Heptus to combat the new threat, which was then named “The Scourge”. It was less of a war and more of a desperate last stand for humanity. The combined forces of humanity outnumbered the Arkali, but the Arkali were able to fight almost like they were of the same mind and they needed no rest or food. Most of the population of the world was wiped out, and the dead were resurrected as Arkali. It was not long before it became clear that the Arkali Wars were not to be won, but survived. Much of the Population fled north to what was left of Weslyth. Others fled south and west and sought refuge by whatever means they could. Some live in cities surrounded by fortifications. Some are nomads constantly on the run. Some have found lands which the Arkali have not yet reached.

A select few survivors are dedicated to ending the scourge. They come from all walks of life and represent the best, strongest and brightest that humanity has to offer. They are Known as the Paragons of Orthalyn and you and your comrades count yourselves among them.



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