Reilly McTeague


Born in the slums of Caer’Daugh in winter of 721 ATS, Reilly McTeague learned to fend for herself at a young age. At 17, she and a small group of friends thwarted a Heptusian slave hunting ring operating in Caer’Daugh. The city guard took notice and recruited her and her friends a year later. She developed a reputation early on for disobeying orders which conflicted with her moral code, a reputation which would eventually get her discharged and make her a fugitive from the Law.

After the Siege of Caer’Daugh in 753 ATS, Reilly McTeague was ordered to arrest the Heroes of Caer’Daugh for the murder of the Lord General’s son. She refused and instead helped them get safe passage out of the city.


Reilly McTeague

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