A World Asunder

Chapter 71- "And from the arrow, I watch"

Benavin and the remaining Partizans rendezvous with you five miles north of the estate. You are still close enough to see the glow of the blaze against the low-hanging clouds.

High Marshal Falan is still unconscious on one of the horses. Benavin looks more relieved than happy.

“You got the bastard. We’ll make sure our people didn’t die for nothing. Thank you.” Benavin rips the unconscious officer from the saddle with somewhat more force than necessary.

“Did you get what you came for?”

players answer

“Good. We’ll go our seperate ways for now, but you can consider us allies. I’ll find a way to sail to Polaris when I have the chance.”

Players go to the tomb
It takes a two-day ride to reach the woodlands described in the map. Soon the treeline begins to tighten and the undergrowth thickens. The horses, save for Irythan’s mount, spook and refuse to go any further.

Players go deeper into the woods
The woodland floor is thick with thorns dead shrubs. It takes several hours to go a single mile. Night is beginning to fall, though the difference is scarcely noticed under the dense canopy. Black, leathery vines reach up the trees like tendrils. The vines reach higher up the trees the deeper in you go and an unsettling black fog begins to obscure vision like a whisp of charcoal dust. At the edge of your vision, just poking out of the fog, is a ruined archway covered in leafy vines.

Players approach archway
The top of the archway is almost entirely covered in plant growth. Poking through it is a tarnished gold seal depicting an arrow piercing a sun disk, the holy symbol of St. Laerta.

(Spot DC 35)
You note that some of the vines have gathered themselves into a roughly humanoid shape and wrapped themselves around the ruined archway.

Someone attempts to grab the seal (Probably Sam. If I’m right, he’s buying Pizza next time)
The vines lash out at your wrist.

Players enter tomb
As you pass under the archway, you hear shifting in the vines above you. A large clump of them drops down from above, having formed into a roughly humanoid shape, sans head.

Combat. Corrupted Vinemass.

Players defeat Corrupted Vinemass

The creature lets out an unsettling shriek, despite having no discernible vocal chords. It seems to dissolve into a fog that looks more like a gaseous sludge and scatters into the wind.

Players enter tomb

Despite the massive size of the entrance, an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia begins to gnaw at you. Christine lights a torch and tosses it into the void.



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