A World Asunder

Chapter 72- "Entropy is Fate"

You wake up just before the sunrise after an adequate, but uneasy, night’s rest. The most dangerous thing seen at night was a creepy looking squirrel.

(To Irythan)
Your comrades were able to resuscitate you and you wake up feeling stiff and groggy, but able bodied nonetheless. Your mental state leaves something to be desired, however. You feel as if two competing forces are pulling at your mind from opposite sides and concentration is difficult.

Players enter the tomb

What twilight remained from outside dissipates as you descend into the pitch-black passage.

players light sunrods
The sunrods flicker and dim. The light from them dulled to that of a torch.

The same form of black, oily sludge that saturated the soil above seems to be flowing up the staircase from the passage below.

The staircase ends at a masonwork archway that opens into a large natural cave chamber. A shallow puddle of the sludge ripples at your feet as you walk. It remains a consistent depth of about a quarter inch. The floor itself is quite slippery. The chamber itself splits off into two natural passages. The sludge seems to be flowing from the passage to your right and lapping up against the passage to your left, as if being held back by an invisible levee.

Room 2
The sludge falls off your boots as you walk into the raw tunnel. The passage ends in a doorway with rusted hinges and fittings littering the ground near it, among a smattering of large splinters. The room beyond the doorway looks almost like a chapel.

To the back of the room is a statue of an elven woman kneeling and supporting herself on a bow. Dangling from the ceiling is an orb painted gold with an arrow sticking out of it. The pedestal of the statue reads “The valiant last stand, in defiance of fate.” The entirety of the room is scorched.

A skeleton is sitting on the floor with its back to the statue. Its left hand is gripping a sword where its gut once was and its right hand holds a holy symbol on a chain.

On the floor next to the skeleton is a note, written in an old faskian dialect.

players read note
The note reads:
“If you’ve found your way to this note, then my sacrifice was not for nothing. I don’t know for certain how, but a foul entity has found a way into this world. It was the first day of summer, 113 ATS. Sister Maydine rushed to the chapel door and bolted it shut with me inside. I only saw a frightened look on her face before the door was closed. I thought it was the Faskian army, that they had finally found us. Instead of soldiers and gunfire, I heard cries of pain from Sister Maydine and Brother Jakob. When their cries finally ceased, I heard an unnatural voice from outside say “Entropy is fate”. That was three days ago. Now I’ve heard something pounding on the door, trying to break in and some kind of sludge has begun leaking under the door. I’ve prepared a spell that I hope will banish the foul influence. The spell requires a sacrifice from the caster and I’ve nothing left but my life. It doesn’t matter. Evil must be kept from the reliquary at all costs. May the gods take notice of my defiance in the next world."

room 3

The passage emerges into a small cave chamber with signs of artificial tunneling on the walls. Stalagtites line the ceiling. In the center is a large chest flanked by dead Faskian soldiers gripping the handles. One of them is also holding a pistol with the hammer still primed. Their skin has started to decay where it is in contact with the sludge. The one with the pistol drawn a line of decaying flesh across his neck that reaches down to the Carotid artery. The one without her pistol drawn has a large gash across her chest.

Black sludge appears to be flowing down from the ceiling and cascading over the chest into the puddle that permeates the floor

(DC 20 spot check, free if players choose to inspect the source of the sludge)
Clinging to the ceiling is a bulk of gelatinous sludge that rolls and writhes as would a restless infant.

Players approach chest
As you reach toward the chest, the sludge violently withdraws toward the chest and up to the ceiling as if sucked through a straw. You hear a rumbling sound from above and a mass of gelatinous sludge lashes out from above (surprise round)

Combat, Entropic sludge

players defeat sludge
The sludge dries up into a solid mass and scatters away in what little wind is generated by the final movements of combat. Your sunrods flicker back to their usual light. In the rear corner of the room, you can see a large hole in the cave floor that looks like it was blasted open by Faskian blackpowder. From the hole, you can hear anguished moaning and the distinct sound of metal hitting masonry with almost mechanical regularity.

Players open chest
The chest contains two kegs of gunpowder and 10,000 gold worth of Faskian currency. A note at the top reads: “You should have more powder than you need to widen the stream enough to send a squad down. I have given your unit a vast sum in case of operational expenses. Spend as much as you need to get the excavation started as soon as possible. I expect regular updates and an itemized list of all expenses.”

The note is signed by High Marshal Falan.

Players approach hole
The hole is pitch black. The illumination from your sunrod does not reach the bottom.

Players drop illuminating object
The (whatever object was dropped) plunges down about a hundred feet and clatters on the ground. Within 10 seconds of reaching the ground, the light from it is pulled away and out of sight.

Players descend by rope (DC 15 use rope check, person who sets up rope may aid another)

You slide down the rope like a vertical pole. Your feet splash lightly in a trickle of water on the cave floor. Behind you, you can see a passage leading upward, but it has since been closed off by a collapse. The pounding of metal on stone has ceased.

A great beast steps into the light. It’s humanoid in shape, but it crawls on it’s hands and feet, save for its left hand which bears a massive greatsword emitting a black fog. The creature is gaunt, with an open ribcage. It has long claws and a gaping maw with two rows of needle-point teeth. Imprisoned in the ribcage is a tiny humanoid figure of an human male, shrieking in agony. An arrow has pierced the creature’s left eye. Over the creature’s head, blocking its right eye, are the bursted remains of a faskian helmet. A Sergeant’s Gorget still hangs around its neck.

Combat, Entropic Devourer
(Greatsword attack 16/12, 2d8+11 damage +2d6 damage vs good)

Players defeat Entropic Devourer
The beast briefly braces itself on its sword and swipes feebly before succuming to its wounds. The figure in its ribcage sighs and closes its eyes as if at peace.

(to Noah)
You feel the last of your energy fade and you feel like you’re being pulled away by forces unknown. The end is near, what would you like to say?

Noah bids farewell
You slip away into the unknown, having made your second chance count.

Players go down the hall

The passage ends in a doorway with a message carved in old Weslythan. The text reads: “No force of arms may breach this place of rest, yet those of righteous intent will require none within.”



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