Paragons of Orthalyn

The Paragons of Orthalyn are an organized resistance group with the goal of ending the Scourge and re-claming lost territory from the Arkali. They believe the key to this is to slay the Tarrasque and lead a great army to purge the wastes and re-build what was destroyed. They’ve been branded everything from “Naive children” to “subversive radicals”. The Paragons were founded 100 years after the Arkali wars when a Knight of Bastion found an old world tome by the great wall. Knowing that old world books were forbidden because of the risk they might contain necromantic rituals like the one that created the Scourge, the Knight initially decided to turn it into her commanders for destruction. The title, however, caught her eye. It was called “A Cycle of Death, to Slay the Tarrasque”. The book described an Order of elite warriors called the Paragons who would slay the Tarrasque, then prepare for its return. It described Tarrasque attacks as a cycle of some twisted nature. The Tarrasque would awaken, destroy everything in its path until slain, and return to slumber. The book also gave the old world a name: Orthalyn. The new paragons took the world’s name as part of their new title. The most important information contained between the covers of the book was a note. A part of which became the motto of the Paragons of Orthalyn:

“Humanity will not fall to this Scourge. We will survive on stubborn force of will. We will find freedom from evil through victory or through defiance to the death. Cast down the immortal Tarrasque and push back the Arkali hordes. We refuse to die until our sons and daughters free Orthalyn once again.”

This was a rallying call. The note and the contents of the book told that the key to ending the scourge was to slay the Tarrasque and keep it down. The Knight told her commanders of the book and asked their leave to find a way to slay the Tarrasque. Her commanders refused and sent her into the wastes as punishment, a death sentence. For nearly seven years, the Knight survived the wastes, looking for answers about the scourge and the old world. She observed the Arkali and found them to be almost like any other people until they saw someone who was not of their kind. Whenever they spotted the Knight, they would chase her with a vengeance. It was surprising, though, that they were not like a mindless horde. They were more coordinated than a veteran strike team, even in massive numbers. It almost seemed as if they were linked to the Tarrrasque like limbs.

Seven years after her exile, the Knight returned to Irythan. To this day no one knows how, but everyone knows why. The Knight returned to rekindle the Paragons, find how to make the Tarrasque mortal, defeat the Arkali and re-claim Orthalyn.

The Knights of Bastion and the armies of the five nations are focused exclusively on defending the remainder of Irythan and they see the Paragons of Orthalyn’s goals as a threat to the existing powers and the security of Irythan.

Paragons of Orthalyn

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